You will need
  • - manure or peat;
  • - bird droppings;
  • - rake;
  • - organic fertilizer;
  • - props.
Before the onset of spring, be sure to RUB the trunks of fruit trees with milk of lime. White color can reflect the sun's rays, therefore help to avoid overheating during intense sun, as well as a sharp fall in night temperature. Spring fill waterproof circle of dry soil, peat, compost or residues of plants, it will prevent fast evaporation of moisture.
Abundantly and thoroughly water the fruit trees during the growing season, especially during dry periods. Pour a small amount of water, but often useless, because the moisture will not have time to reach the roots, but only delayed in the surface layer of soil, on which further formed a crust. Before flowering lay around wood straw manure or peat layer five to ten centimeters.
After the rain and in the process of vegetation it is necessary to repeatedly loosen the soil around the fruit tree. Should do it between may to July when there is the formation of new shoots and fruits. In the month of August and September, try not to disturb the ground, this will ensure good ripening of fruits and color them.
Organic fertilizers are the basis for fertilizing fruit trees generally used for this purpose is well composted or Packed manure. Make fertilizer over the entire area of cultivation under fruit trees in autumn to a depth of ten to fifteen centimeters. Light soil should be fertilized once a year, and the heavy – once in three years. Instead of manure, you can use compost, apply dry poultry manure at the rate of 100 grams per square meter.
The best defense against pests and diseases of fruit trees is prevention. If the plants to create the best conditions and properly care for them, will not have any trouble. Can bring in as assistants to the birds. To do this, set in garden feeders and nesting boxes, fill them with food. Well, if the birds in the garden will bring the Chicks.
Note on forming the crown of fruit trees, as the skeletal branches depart from the trunk at an acute angle. These branches even with a modest harvest is doomed to fracture. The most common and easy method of preventing breakage of branches – set backup, this is done in the period when the fruit reached the size of a walnut. To backup not hurt tree bark, abate it inside the rubber.