The rules by which to live professional underworld, formed the thirties of the last century. The main one who must obey all the prisoners: the thief in the prison is the master, all the other random passengers. So passengers pay tribute to thieves every transmission and acknowledge their authority. Accordingly, the law prescribes thieves thieves not to offend men and to draw them into a showdown between criminal gangs.

Thieves the law to take away the last man: the last piece of bread, the last clothes... However, the law invented by thieves and interpreted them to their advantage. According to numerous testimonies passed through the GULAG, during a severe famine and severe frosts, the thieves did not hesitate, and took food and warm clothes "goners", i.e. prisoners that have reached extreme physical exhaustion.

The law prohibits the thieves to have a family, to live at the place of residence and cooperate with the government in any form – to give evidence during interrogation, to camp, to serve in the army, to fight... This rule for a long time and permanently impaired. The most famous thieves – jap, Taiwanchik, the Grandfather of Hasan and all the rest – very rich, possessing real estate not only in Russia but also abroad. They have families, and their children are well provided for.

The prohibition to serve in the army were massively violated during the great Patriotic war. The prisoners went to the front in battalions under the threat of execution or in the hope for liberation. The battalions fought until first blood." After the injured soldier was considered to atone the guilt of blood. Those who survived, most of them are not going to renounce theft as a way of life, and after the war continued criminal career. When they got to the camps, "honest thieves", thieves have broken the law, declared the fight "bitches", ie apostates. This led to a protracted bloody bitch of war."

The distinction between "thieves" and "bitches" was still in force. Thieves the law requires thieves to not deal with apostates. "Bitches" can and should be killed, and informal contacts with them can cause expulsion from the thieves environment.

In prison the thieves in the law monitor compliance procedure and resolve conflicts between inmates. Thief in law can only be killed by sentence "shodnyak" – a kind of court, which give the word and the Prosecutor and the defendant. Violating this prohibition is one punishment – death.

A thief should not take up arms, if not going to use it. "Took the knife Bay", otherwise you'll have contempt and the inevitable demotion. You can't accuse another thief of violations of the law, if there is no solid evidence – unfounded accusations could cause serious punishment.