You will need
    • 2 tbsp. red rice;
    • 2 large carrots;
    • 0.5 kg of mutton;
    • Zira;
    • dried barberries;
    • turmeric;
    • pepper curry;
    • salt;
    • 1 whole head of garlic;
    • 1 medium onion;
    • 200 g sheep's tail fat;
    • vegetable oil;
    • water;
    • cauldron;
    • grill;
    • a warm blanket.
Red rice rinse well, cover with water. Clean carrots, shred into strips. Do the same with onions. Mutton and sheep's tail fat is cut into small pieces.
Prepare grill. Kindle the coals and the wood, wait until they burn out and start to smolder. After you put it on the coals of the cauldron.
When it warms up, pour in a little vegetable oil. Then add the fat-tail. It should melt almost completely. The remaining cracklings with a slotted spoon, remove from boiling oil.
Then lower the meat into the cauldron. Fry need until Golden brown. The better you fry the lamb, the richer will get the color of the palov.
The next step is to mix in a cauldron with meat onion, after five minutes add the carrots. When vegetables will flounder, season with spices: a dash of turmeric, cumin, curry, barberry, salt to taste.
Then put the meat and vegetables a head of garlic. To divide it into cloves and clean is not necessary. Pour some water and cover.
When the water is almost all evaporated, remove from a pan the garlic. But do not throw away, it is still useful. Drain the rice water and pour it to the meat. Stir is in any case not necessary.
Pour in pilaf 4 cups of water. Taste if more salt, add more. Next cover with a flat ceramic plate, slightly smaller in diameter than the cauldron, and top – cover.
After 20-25 minutes, open the dish – the rice should absorb all the water. Gently make a small dimple in the rice and immerse it in the head of garlic. Cover the pilaf dish and cover again.
Set aside a cauldron with coals and well wrap him in a blanket. Until cooked risotto should be warm for another 15-20 minutes. Before serving mix well the rice with the meat.
In addition to pilaf is usually served with a salad of fresh tomatoes and onions, lightly seasoned with vegetable oil.