At home the seedling avocados you can get, landed a bone of the fetus. When the seedling will appear first 3-6 leaves, transplant it into a pot. The first transplant can be done in a fairly large pot to ten centimetres in diameter. Avocado — fast growing plant, but for the first year of life this "house" would be most appropriate. As soon as tree growth will reach up to a meter, you put it in again.
The composition of the soil, prepare yourself of the following components: garden and ground sheet, peat and sand, taken in equal parts. Since avocados do not grow well in acidic soils, in mixture, add lime. The soil should be light, loose.
That tree could be easily removed from the pot, the soil under the avocado moisten well. Gently removing from the pot, inspect the roots, remove shears or a knife rotten and dead limbs.
On the bottom of the new pot, pour a layer of expanded clay to enhance drainage, sprinkle the ground mixture and gently place the roots of the plants, trying to distribute them across the surface of the bottom of the pot. Keep the trunk of trees vertically.
Match crown of the tree with the first transplant. Primitiva the tops of the young branches, you can achieve that avocado is rich in spreading hat of large leaves.
A place for avocados, choose those with bright light but no direct sunlight. Bush likes moist soil, so watering follow. The temperature in summer can be up to +35oC, in winter, the plant may die already at 10 oC.
If the avocado begins to dry out the tops of the shoots, the trees shed their leaves – so it lacks moisture. Spray the plant with water, remember that in the summer it should be done daily.
Fertilizing plants produce once a month one of a complete fertilizer designed for houseplants.
At home "alligator pear" is rarely flowering, not fruiting. Mainly use wood as a decorative element for interior decoration. Tall shrub reaches 2-2,5 meters, with slim brown trunk is released gradually from the leaves, forming a spherical crown. Primitiva shoots, you can create the right shape for her.