For forcing green onions do not need much light, so it can be grown not only outdoors in summer but also in autumn and winter, the panic, greenhouses and even indoors. For the cultivation of onions on the pen, select one of the following varieties: Arzamas, bessonovskiy or Rostov. On the landing there is a large size onion or onion samples. The best yield obtained when using the sample, the diameter of the bulb needs to be 3-4 centimeters.
Plant onions in early spring produce, it can be done in the fall (in the winter). In this case it is important to ukorenennosti bulbs before the frost. Plant the bulbs in rows, at a distance of 10-15 centimeters from each other, the distance between rows should be 6-8 inches. One square meter planted about 5 to 8 pounds of onions. On highly fertile soil you can plant onions in another way – bridge. In this case, the bulbs are planted close to each other, and the planting material will take a lot more.
The plot must be pre-fertilized organic matter in mineral or manure. Do not submerge the bulbs deep in the soil, their neck should stay outside. Immediately after planting the onion pour a little warm water.
Use a fertilizer in the form ammonium nitrate (dissolve 20 grams of ammonium nitrate to 8 gallons of water), potassium chloride (15 grams per 7-8 liters of water), superphosphate (15 grams per 8 liters of water). The first dressing is required, a week after planting onions. The second after 8-10 days after the first feeding. Duration of cultivation of green onions in the spring – about a month. After the onion has reached a length of 30-40 centimeters - it is removed manually.
Spring onions left in storage begin to sprout. To throw, you can grow green onions at home. Pour in a box or pot (depending on number of planting material) soil and peat soil and planted in it the bulbs close to each other. Sprinkle and 10 days later put on a well-lit area (window sill). You need 1-2 times a week make watering onions. If the bulbs don't sprout, then they should be soaked in warm water for a day, then trim neck and planted in the ground.