The first stage is the theory. In driving schools usually teach a course on the theory, and, in addition, you buy special notebooks and textbooks with the test questions. Internal exams are usually more difficult than in the traffic police. You need to hand over 10 tickets, with a minimum of mistakes (usually 1 to 3). To prepare for the better part of a few days to devote to independent testing. Solve all the tickets several times and write down the questions where you made mistakes. Repeat them several times separately. In the streets look around and think to myself, the meaning of each sign, what would you do at this crossroads, etc.
The second stage is the Playground. In traffic police you will be offered only three tests, but the school typically checks all five exercises. Here, however, you usually give more effort if something does not work (traffic police you will be entitled to only one error for all three exercises). When you engage with instructor, ask them to drive you to the exercises that you do are the worst. If you have friends or relatives with cars, can ask them to practice with you further. Practice on empty lots or empty back roads.
The third stage – driving in the city. And for this examination in driving is also commonly put forward more strict requirements than in the traffic police. Sometimes instructors are forced to travel a great distance to perform a lot of maneuvers before I take this part of the examination in the traffic police, especially when a large number of people, the subject rarely goes longer than 3-5 minutes). This is the most difficult step because you have to show all the knowledge obtained during the schooling – both theory and exercises on the Playground. If you ride with an instructor on the same route, ask him to go on a new to test their strength. If you're not sure, take additional lessons (however, they will require extra cost.