Love for yourself

Let you think that they forgot all about you, and you are not interesting, remember that there are people whose love you can count on. And that person is you. Show their feelings, treat yourself as you would treat a partner you love, or your child. Passing by a mirror, smile at the mirror, buy yourself beautiful clothes and jewelry, drive yourself to the cinema and to the skating rink, prepare tasty and wholesome meals, order food from restaurants when you are tired and have no strength to stand at the stove, carefully fluff up the pillow before going to sleep and peticite blanket. Surround yourself with care and you will not experience loneliness because you give yourself the necessary emotions.

The beauty of solitude

Many philosophers, poets and writers praised loneliness. It brought them the opportunity to rethink many of the events of his life. Peaceful solitude he gave a stimulus to creativity: the brush or the pen came out amazing masterpieces. Of course, the theme of loneliness revealed positive in many works. Get a notebook or folder on your computer and start to collect the best quotes about the condition. If you get melancholy, you will be able to open the notebook and remember what you love your privacy.

Personal time

All free time, which in that situation would you have other people you can dedicate to yourself. And try to make it as interesting as possible. Jump with a parachute, learn to fly a helicopter and to dance salsa, sign up for cooking classes by famous foreign chef, visit the most interesting places, read books voraciously. Perhaps when you are not alone, you will not be able all night to watch the show, but now you can afford it – so use it.

Build relationships with the community

Public opinion can make the loneliness far more painful than it really is. Relatives at the holiday table carefully wondering why you still not married, the staff nod sympathetically and offer to meet with any available relative, friend recommend to change the style of clothing, then go to the fortune teller. Make sure the compassionate people do not interfere in your life if you hate it. Maybe after that you feel like is not very polite person, but you'll be fine.