God created Adam and left him alone, creating some time for his woman, eve. From this time originates the institution of the marriage relationship is implied not only the relationship itself, but also the rejection of solitude.

Children, especially in adolescence, can feel lonely because they have changed the Outlook and preferences. Parents sometimes do not understand them, is not allowed to communicate with certain people, which young people consider important in their lives. For these reasons, the child simply withdraws into himself; he seems to live in a full family, parents love him, and he feels a good relationship. It seems that no one realizes that he is lonely.

Sometimes, when people feel lonely, being married. This feeling is due to the fact that the ZAGS were spoken high-sounding words, wearing the ring, but love and heart is not presented. Because of this, people feel alone because between them and their other half has no emotional family ties.

It should not be, because a strong and happy marriage relationship must by its nature to prevent loneliness.

In order to be able to get rid of loneliness, he should reconsider his life. With relatives and loved ones can always find a compromise in relations. You need to find a true friends, they certainly will not miss.

Parents must pay attention to their child, they should prove to their child that he is not alone as it seems. You need to remember that loneliness can bring easily too the vulnerable child's soul. Children's psyche's too fragile, it confirms the huge number of suicides.