You will need
  • VAZ 2108-09, key 10, the key cap or head 19, the socket or head 17, a screwdriver, a portable lamp, a couple of bolts or nails 4 mm thick, in order to tension a new belt, a new timing belt.
In order to remove the timing belt, you must remove all that can become a hindrance; it will provide maximum freedom for the withdrawal. Most likely, it will hinder the air filter, probably the steering power-steering pump and both pulleys V-belt.
Dismantling protection plastic timing belt is done by loosening the three mounting bolts.
After that, the crankshaft should be placed in the position of the upper dead point of the piston of the first cylinder. This is done by the slow rotation of a cranked shaft for a bolt to the pulley until mark on the pulley does not dock with the pointer on the rear cover camshaft actuator.
After fixation of the shaft with a screwdriver from turning, Unscrew the fixing bolt of crankshaft pulley.
Before removing the old belt it is worth noting the direction of his movement and only then loosen and remove. With a weakened belt pulley to rotate the crankshaft not.
Disconnect the pulley from the crankshaft.
To loosen the belt tension, you need not fully remove the nuts that secure the idler pulley and it rotated.
Now the timing belt can be removed.
If there is a need with the belt removed, rotate the camshaft, you need to ensure that at TDC, none of the pistons are not located. Otherwise damage the shaft and pistons.
Now you can gear on the crankshaft pulley to put the new belt on.
On the crankshaft pulley leading the belt is tensioned so that it does not SAG. The label on the back cover and the pulley should be the same.
Then the belt is put on the tension roller and a cogwheel of the water pump.
Putting the crankshaft pulley, the bolt that it is attached, is clamped 99-110 torque N•m (9,9-11,0 kgf•m).
Expanding according to the roller, pull the strap and tighten the nut which it is attached. In the absence of a special wrench to tension the belt, you can use two metal shaft, bolts or nails. They are inserted into holes of the roller between them is assigned with a screwdriver, with which the roller rotates, thus pulling the belt.
If the belt is tensioned correctly, it can rotate 90° with two fingers. Scrolling the crankshaft two turns, you need more time to check the tension and convergence of all labels. If necessary, adjustments.