Advice 1: How to estimate the cost of the laptop

Before the purchase of a laptop is needed to properly calculate the final cost. This can be done only in the case if you pay attention to all the parameters of the device.
How to estimate the cost of the laptop
Usually necessary to estimate the cost of the laptop occurs in those people who buy it second-hand. Perhaps you know that the laptop is a high - tech tool that has many different parameters, and in that case, if any of them fails, the laptop will cease to work normally. In this regard, before buying you need to pay attention to every aspect, to later do not regret about the deal.


The first thing you need to evaluate the appearance of the device. If the laptop noted chips, cracks and scratches, it is best to opt out of the purchase of such a computer. This is directly related to the fact that if the appearance of the laptop leaves much to be desired, so he was treated inappropriately, and this, in turn, can be the cause of the failure and the occurrence of various malfunctions of the computer components.

The age of the computer

Of course, we should not forget about the age of the computer. If the laptop is used for more than two years, the final cost should not exceed half of the original amount. Of course, it is best to know initial value of a particular model and, then, interested in age and draw their own conclusions based on the obtained information (for example, to find out its real price).


Naturally, forget about components is also not necessary, because it depends on how well will work various apps, games etc. Maximum attention should be paid to: video card (its volume, resolution), the RAM and the processor. The best way is to compare installed on the laptop with the existing analogues in the Internet shopping and read reviews about them. It is worth noting one important caveat - if the laptop has only an integrated video card, it is better to abandon the purchase (if you're going to use the device for gaming and graphics applications), as these adapters are not designed for demanding applications.

Battery status

In addition to the above you need to pay attention to the battery. It is worth remembering that if it was used for several years, then it will have to be replaced. Of course, it is best to check the efficiency with the help of special programs or just to know how it will work without a mains connection.

Advice 2: How to remove the hard drive from laptop

Frequent failure of hard drives or insufficient memory, it is perhaps very common problem for many laptops. To cope with it will help replace the hard disk on a more powerful and capacious. However, before you replace, have to pull out the disk from the laptop, and it is for inexperienced users is problematic.
How to remove the hard drive from laptop
You will need
  • - small Phillips screwdriver
Before removing a hard drive, locate a warranty card and a look at the warranty. If it has not expired, it is best to consult the experts. They are more competent in servicing office equipment and will help to avoid any problems resulting from your entry to "internal organs" of the computer. But if you still sure that you'll handle this yourself, you can go to work.
First, copy everything from the hard drive to any other media. This should make it a rule, and not to neglect them at any manipulations with the hard drive. When the copy procedure is complete, close all programs, turn off the laptop, disconnect from the body of the plug of the power supply and other connected devices. Then gently remove the battery, after opening the lock that it holds.
Then you can move on to removing the hard disk drive. Performing this procedure be extremely careful and cautious, because the details of the laptop can be easily damaged, and their repair will require you more time and money. Pick the right size Phillips screwdriver and use it to Unscrew the back cover of the laptop.
Hard disk, usually located in a special container, which also needs to be removed from the computer. If he bolted, then slowly loosen all screws with a suitable screwdriver and remember their location, it is very important. Disconnect the hard drive all the cables that go to the motherboard, making sure that they are not inadvertently damaged. And only then carefully remove the container with the disc.
Absolutely impossible to retrieve the hard drive with a screwdriver or other sharp objects; otherwise it may lead to undesirable consequences in the form of various breakages and damage.

When removing, hold the hard drive so not to touch its upper cover.
Useful advice
If you see that removing the hard drive would be as easy as it seems, better to play it safe and ask for help to specialists.

Advice 3: How to determine the fault of the laptop

When working with mobile computers is sometimes quite difficult to find out the cause of a particular error or malfunction. For the detection of specific problems requires the use of special software and techniques.
How to determine the fault of the laptop
You will need
  • Access to the Internet.
If your mobile computer does not turn on, check the voltage at the connector of the power supply. Try connecting to the laptop battery if it has been disabled. Try to turn on the computer. Make sure that the enable button is OK.
It is much more common to see the following picture: mobile computer turns on, but the download is not performed properly. Usually this fault is accompanied by different text labels or blue screens. Carefully read the error text and find its description on the manufacturer's website for this model laptop.
Try to replace the Board memory. If this doesn't help and the laptop still does not boot, the problem is likely with the video card, processor or motherboard. Find out what type of video card.
If the laptop has full discrete graphics card, replace it with a similar model. If you are dealing with an integrated chip, contact the service center for Troubleshooting.
If the laptop is missing the image, then the problem is with the video card or display. Sometimes the cause of this fault could be the ribbon cable going to the matrix. Try to close the lid of the mobile computer and re-open it. Turn on the laptop several times, constantly changing the display position.
Press the matrix. If you see stains near the place of depression, then the problem is in the ribbon cable or video card. Reset your BIOS menu. Try again to enable mobile computer.
If you do not work single device laptop try updating the drivers. Boot the required files from the official website of the company that developed the laptop. Remember that in most cases, the cause of the problem are the drivers, or failures in the operating system.
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