Take vitamins A and E in the "natural" kind, enriching your diet legumes, wheat germ, some types of cabbage (Brussels sprouts, broccoli), greens, spinach, dairy products, fish oil, meat and fish products.
Standard daily dosage of vitamin E is 10 mg, which corresponds to one capsule. In the preventive purposes it is possible to use one vial of tocopherol once a day during the meal. If a physician is assigned to you more, then take a standard dose (10 mg) at every meal.
Remember that increase the useful qualities of vitamin E in the presence of selenium, and are lost with a simultaneous use of mineral oils, iron, chlorine. In natural products vitamin E reduced during thermal processing, freezing or, conversely, the influence of high temperatures.
To strengthen the immune system will help the regular use of oil solution of vitamin A capsules. Prophylactic daily dose of retinol is 1.5 mg. However, keep in mind that the use of vitamin A capsules gives very fast effects and contributes to its accumulation in the liver, heart, lungs. That is why in any case it is impossible to abuse the intake of retinol or independently to increase his daily dosage.
With all the positive properties of vitamins A and E is not recommended for pregnant women in first trimester of pregnancy, because at this time is the formation of vital tissues and organs of the baby, and excessive vitamins and minerals can adversely affect this natural process. But women in menopause or during hormonal therapy, and nursing mothers can use an increased dose of vitamin E.