It should be remembered that the body is easier and better to assimilate vitamin a in its natural forms, therefore, should be increased in daily diet containing the number of retinol products. The best sources are fish oils and liver, in large enough quantities it is contained in butter, whole milk, cream and egg yolks.
Vitamin a enough slowly accumulates in the body and slowly excreted. If the doctor diagnosed a deficiency of retinol, quickly to replenish his stock of conventional products fail. In this case, you should additionally take its dosage forms.
Retinol is available in a variety of dosage forms ranging from tablets and ending with a solution for intramuscular injection. In the most severe cases, when a rapid increase in the number of vitamin A in the body, use intramuscular injections. This method allows in the shortest possible time to deliver the drug in the blood.
In less severe cases use drops, pills, tablets, etc. One of the most convenient dosage forms of retinol are capsules. One capsule contains 33 IU of vitamin A, your doctor may prescribe one to several capsules per day.
To get from taking vitamin maximum therapeutic effect, you should definitely adhere to recommendations for its reception. Namely, I have to take it strictly twice a day, 10-15 minutes after eating. Doses depend on the specific disease and its severity. For example, in cases of vitamin deficiency of mild and moderate adults appoint 33 thousand IU/day. In diseases of the skin dose for adults increases to 50-100 thousand IU/day for children, these figures should be lower by 5-10 times.
For the prevention of beriberi also used certain doses. For women the recommended amount is 2300 IU per day for men is 3,000 IU. Given that retinol is a fat-soluble vitamin and is slowly excreted from the body, do not exceed the recommended physician dosage, as excess vitamin a is just As injurious to health as the lack of it.