You will need
  • - peanut, olive, corn, sunflower oil;
  • - the liver;
  • - sprouted wheat grains;
  • - nuts.
Enrich child's diet with foods rich in vitamin E. Remember that this substance is very sensitive to heat, oxygen and light. When cooking and frying products, as well as when stored in room temperature and cold processing loss of up to 50-55% of vitamin E.
Add a tablespoon of germinated wheat seeds on 200-300 grams of finished semolina, oats, buckwheat. This Supplement will enrich the porridge with vitamin E and will make it tastier. Put chopped, dried, but not roasted nuts to cereals, yogurts, toppings and sweet sauces for pancakes and fritters.
You can offer your child for Breakfast with fresh blueberries. However, it is not a lot of vitamin E, only 1.5 milligrams in a half Cup of berries.
Add peanut butter to pancakes, French toast and liver. About 1 milligram of vitamin E in one tablespoon of peanut butter contains. It is better to cook it yourself, so you will be sure of the quality.
Season vegetable salads, soybean, corn or sunflower oil, vegetable oil rich in vitamin E.
Prepare a steamed piece of salmon or beef liver, as a side dish is perfect lightly boiled spinach or steam broccoli. All these foods are rich in vitamin E. don't expose the vegetables to heat treatment for a long time, is on average 5-8 minutes.
Try to include in the child diet steamed bran. Note that they have a specific taste that not everyone likes.
Consult a doctor before giving a child synthetic vitamin E, for example, in tablets. The exact needs of the child's body in this vitamin is not defined. It may be different depending on the quantity and quality of animal and vegetable fats, who uses the baby, as well as quantity of ascorbic acid, iron preparations, folic acid.