You will need
  • The original seal on any document, scanner, color printer, Photoshop.
To get a good copy print, take a document with an original print with a scanner make a digital copy at full resolution.
Open the resulting image in Photoshop, cut out the fragment with a stamp tool Crop Tool and clear the background from the text under the stamp tool the Clone Stamp Tool. You should get a clear copy of the print in high resolution.
Now create a new image with size not less than what you already have by selecting as the background a transparent substrate. To do this, press Ctrl+N and select Background Contents Transparent value.
Select the stamp tool, Magic Wand Tool. To do this, click the tool in the background and then invert the selection by right-clicking and choosing Select inverse.
Take the Move tool and drag the seal on a new image with a transparent background. Merge layers by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E and save the result in GIF format by pressing Ctrl+S.
Open the Word document and insert the saved stamp to the right place. Adjust the approximate size of print and print a test page. Refer to the original print size, then adjust the size of the print and print another test page. Perform adjustment of print size until, until you get an exact copy. Checking for accuracy is best defined by putting a copy of the original and directing the sheets to the light source.