Propagation of cacti by seed
This will require a low bowl on the bottom which you want to place a layer of drainage, a layer of loose ground sheet and a layer of river sand (one third of the bowls). Moisten the soil with a spray bottle. With a damp sticks to lay out the seeds on the soil surface, a little pushing and cover with a glass or transparent bag. A bowl to put on warm (about 30 degrees) Sunny place, periodically airing and removing the condensate. After some time (from two days to one month – depending on the type of cactus) appear shoots. To dive seedlings is best when you see something like spines or even hair. What you need to do this along with a lump of land, on which a seedling grew.
Razmnozenie semenami
Propagation of cacti by cuttings
The stalk of the cactus – that part of his body. The reasons for cutting the stalk at odnozalnyh cacti can be different. Often the decay of roots or the need for the children. From the remaining (e.g., prickly pears and rhipsalidopsis) cuttings is the best method of propagation. Cactus cuttings should be cut sharp clean knife at once, so as not to damage the mother plant. Cut the cuttings allowed to dry for 2 to 7 days to the cut formed a protective film (callus). Dry should be in a vertical position, so that the roots formed at the bottom of the cutting. After that, the stalk planted in a cactus mix for cacti (you can buy in the store) and the first time (about a month) not water. About a week later, the cactus will begin to produce roots.
Cactus with one steblem
Propagation of cacti babies
The easiest and harmless for nursery plants method of reproduction. As a rule, separate the honey from cactus untwisting, or cut with a sharp knife. The best time for breeding spring and summer – the period of growth of cacti. As well as cuttings, kids cacti should be dry for weeks in a dry warm place in a vertical position. And then put in the substrate for cacti. Before the advent of roots to be watered carefully.
Cactus Detki
Grafting cacti
The method of propagating cacti is not for beginners! Such a method is selected, most often when cacti are hard living alone or are unable to bloom. And here, of course, it is important that the cactus that produced the vaccine, had a good root system and healthy. In addition, you should choose the same size plants.
To inculcate and "breeding" cactus made smooth cuts sharp clean knife. Then cut parts of cacti are pressed tightly to each other (for this it is best to pull the thread at the top of the cactus and place it in a pot with two sides). Put the pot in a warm Sunny place (no direct sunlight) for about two weeks. Watering should be moderate, not leading to complete drying of the soil. After 2 weeks the bone can be removed and gradually accustom the plant to a bright sun.Try different methods of reproduction of the cactus and choose the one with which you will be interested in working!
Private cactus