You will need
  • rope, cotton, thick, elastic, not less than 1.5 m
  • -nylon tights, soft, always at hand
  • leather belts, tight fix, but you can pinch blood vessels
  • -silk scarf
  • -duct tape, special, not to injure the skin
To diversify the sexual life can be different. To use toys, role-playing or to find thrills, along with partner. Connected the woman feels the "freedom", liberation from what is not it is responsible for pleasure. Often orgasm more intense and vivid when you apply the binding. It's kind of an art that you learn over the years.You can tie as a separate part of the body, and whole person. The sequence of steps coincides with the sequence of the process of deprivation of mobility.
Ruki1. Fold the rope in half, thread loose ends into the loop (fold rope).2. In the resulting loop of thread and hand tighten. The ends spread them apart (Fig. 7 (if you tie my hands behind my back enough to wrap the ends around the rope and make a knot).
3. Wrap your hands tightly (clockwise and counterclockwise arrows free ends, respectively), row to row. The more you do the coils, the harder it is to move your arms.4. Now cross the ends (forming a parallel with the hands) and wrap have on the rope between the wrists, as well as hands.5. After several rounds, tie the ends on the back side.There is another way to quickly tie the hands of a man , and even link it to anything.
Soft handcuffs from веревки1. Put the rope on your hand and wrap the thumb and fingers clockwise and counterclockwise arrows respectively. Figure 1.2. Connect the fingers and slide the turns. Figure 2.3. Thread the ends of the rope in the resulting hole. Each tip on its side. Figure 3 and 4.4. Cuff and tighten the rope.Tip: do not use thin rope, take it for a fixing soft scarf.
How to connect <strong>person</strong>
Lattimore to associate in the same way as hands, or start right away with 3 points, that is, immediately wrap the hands. The closer your elbows will be in the end, the better. Consider the pain of the partner.
Knees (or rather, above them 5 cm)1. Thread the rope under the knee, cross the ends and tighten.2. Make a few turns around the knees.3. Cross the ends and wrap a coil of turns. Tie.
Щиколотки1. Cross your legs partner. So you are depriving him of the opportunity to move around.2. Wrap the ankle rope, making the 2-3 coil.3. Now each end obviate legs in the form of eight. The density of binding depends on the partner's ability to regain the feet in a parallel state.4. Cross the ends and make a knot. Now do it with a partner all that in mind.