Advice 1: How to cook rice for hedgehogs

It would seem that hedgehogs - a simple meatballs with rice, but love them as our children. This dish is quite nutritious and delicious. Rice plays an important role, and on how you cook it depends on the success of the entire dish.
How to cook rice for hedgehogs
You will need
    • 700 g of rice (krugozory)
    • 1.5 liters of water
    • salt to taste
Rinse the rice under cold running water and leave to soak for 1-2 hours.
Put the rice into an enamel saucepan, cover with water and put on medium heat. Salt.
After 10-15 minutes once it has boiled, remove the saucepan from the heat and rinse the groats.
The rice is cooked until half done, as it will be repeatedly subjected to heat treatment.
Useful advice
For cooking hedgehogs choose kruglozerny Fig.
Don't overcook the rice, otherwise the hedgehog will turn out tasteless.
Exactly follow the proportions of rice and minced meat (700 g of rice 1.5 kg of meat).

Decorate the finished dish so that it really resembled hedgehogs. From carrots make the ears, nose and eyes. The finished dish served on a beautiful plate decorated with lettuce leaves. Bon appetit!

Advice 2 : Juicy hedgehogs with rice in a creamy tomato sauce

Using the most common products, we can prepare succulent, delicious, tender, appetizing and nourishing dish that will just melt in your mouth - hedgehogs in creamy tomato sauce.
Juicy hedgehogs with rice in a creamy tomato sauce
You will need
  • - 500 gr. beef
  • - 300 gr. pork
  • - 2 bulbs of onion
  • - 2 eggs
  • - 1 carrot
  • - a Cup of rice
  • - 400gr. sour cream
  • - 100 gr. mayonnaise
  • - 2 cloves of garlic
  • - 2 medium tomatoes
  • Sol
  • - pepper
  • - green
Pre-boil until soft rice and put it to cool. While we cook the stuffing, it is time to cool down. In a separate bowl grate the carrots. With tomato remove the skin and finely chop or divide in a blender. To prepare the filling-mince beef and pork through a meat grinder. Finely chop the onion. In meat weight add pepper, salt, finely chopped onion, pressed through the garlic and rice.
The resulting mass stir thoroughly and put the balls about 7 cm in diameter. Envelops each ball in flour, spread on a heated pan and fry in butter. Balls fry on both sides until Golden brown. Then to add hedgehogs to obzhivatjsya grated carrots.
Tomato mass, stir sour cream and mayonnaise and pour hedgehogs the resulting sauce. The sauce should cover the hedgehogs 2/3, if not enough, add stock or water. Add salt and simmer for 20 minutes under a lid over medium heat. 5 minutes until cooked sprinkle with pepper and finely shredded greens. From the top you can sprinkle grated cheese.
Useful advice
This recipe hedgehogs can be prepared in a pot or deep pan, and bake in the oven. Serve hedgehogs in an individual dish and garnish. For garnish to hedgehogs can be served potatoes, rice, buckwheat, or pasta.
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