You will need
  • — ball guides (3 carriage);
  • — a kitchen knife with a blade that is appropriate in size to the last carriage guides;
  • — saw-grinder;
  • — metal shears;
  • glue;
  • — screws;
  • plastic bottle of such width that it freely entered hand;
  • — Scotch;
  • — scissors;
  • — office paper;
  • printer.
Scissors, metal cut off valve at the end of the ball guide. You can take the ball guides, which consist of just two parts, but much easier to use on ball bearings, with three carriages.
Grinder cutting knife blade. To cut you need with the stock, because the blade will go to the mount.
Insert the blade in the last, the smallest of the carriage rails. Secure the blade with glue. Then for reliability, secure the blade screws. He in any case should not fly and injure you or others.
Cut-out bottle topper, which is a mechanism for the weapon mount on your arm. In order to give the mechanism an aesthetic appearance and a certain solidity, print out on a sheet of office paper, any symbol emblem.
Clip on ball bearings, with a blade on the cylinder with duct tape. Attach a sheet with the logo on the bottle. Practice "throwing" a blade in his hand and then hide it back.