You will need
  • Photoshop, tablet, the ability to draw.
To learn to draw in photoshop, you need to be able to just draw. Great if you also have a art school or University. Although it is enough just to have a little talent, a few books on drawing and composition and a desire to grow. First read the theory, practice on paper, hand tamp. Learning how to make sketches and then turn them into paintings, you will easily be able to repeat it all through the computer. However, the mouse to draw is not very convenient. So you should buy a tablet. It will create the feeling that you actually draw with pencil or brush. Hand will be in the usual position, and you will be able to draw more accurately and beautifully.
Now you can move on to learning photoshop. To familiarize yourself with the basics, the purpose, tools and features you need before you try to draw something in the computer. Gradually you will learn more, learn how to work with layers, use different effects and more.
There are several ways in which you can go. The first of these full-time courses. Select suitable courses, by familiarizing yourself with their program. If the content and cost of training you like, feel free to sign up. Most likely ,you will have to complete more than one course. After all, nobody is going to give all the information at one time. First click course for beginners, later they can pass more challenging courses and even engage in advanced study. After some time you will notice that the coursework will vary from each other in directions: photoshop for photographer will be significantly different from the course photoshop for designer. The big plus of this way to learn drawing in photoshop is that teachers have control over you, help you, do not give to relax, support your desire.
The second way is online courses. They also paid. And also different from each other in degree of difficulty and directions. The initial course is common to all. And then, differences appear: drawing, design, modeling, retouching, animation, etc.
The third option is suitable for the strong-willed and organized people. If you are determined to learn how to draw in photoshop, but don't want to depend on anyone, do some independent learning. In the Internet there are many free and paid materials to help you in achieving your goal not worse than the classroom courses. Many of these discs are quite expensive and represent a video recording of seminars, master classes, lessons or courses. Some of them are free to download on the Internet. Plus, this type of training is that you will always have this material at any time can see the point you want to repeat something, to stop, to consider. In addition, you yourself can plan the schedule of your study and practice time convenient to you.