Prepare materials – glass ampoule, a blowtorch, fluorescent liquid, hydrogen peroxide, Teflon tape, copper caps to seal the tube and finally the tube of polyethylene or polypropylene.
Using copper caps, pipe, and Teflon tape for fixation, assemble the finished capacity for the future fluid. Tube should be easy to bend, and one of the caps should be easy to Unscrew from the thread. For mounting the caps and the nuts, use an adjustable wrench.
Now light the blowtorch and sealed long the tip of the glass pipette. Through open end, pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, not filling the pipette to the end. Again, light a blowtorch and a second sealed end of the ampoule. Wipe the vial was sealed and put aside.
Prepare a fluorescent liquid in a separate container and carefully pour it into the tube with the top cap unscrewed. Inside, place a vial of hydrogen peroxide, soaking it in fluorescent liquid.
Tightly screw cap the tube and make sure that no liquid spills out.
Check the resulting glowing up in a dark room – we will break it in half and shake. You will see how the liquid inside the tube will begin to glow from the fact that the fluorescent liquid is mixed with the fracture of the ampoule with hydrogen peroxide.