You will need
  • coordinates candidate for a position (typically found in a resume and cover letter to him);
  • phone;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - e-mail program or smartphone.
Often the first personal contact with the candidate is done on the phone. In this case, the caller is presented (name, surname, if taken in the company, and patronymic, position (optional), company name), reports that calls about the summary, which was sent on the job, and offers the time and place of the meeting.It will not be superfluous to inquire, whether it is convenient to the interviewee to talk at the moment. If no, specify a more comfortable time for communication and who will call you or the candidate.
If the corporate standard does not require that the meeting was held strictly at a certain time (not advisable), you better be ready to discuss and have in reserve a few possible options. Or prompt the caller to designate the time and place of the meeting itself.
If the decision about whether to call for a job interview, it is necessary to conduct preliminary phone interviews (many of the positions involve intensive communication by phone, so it may be important impressions from contact with this method of communication), to invite to an interview not in a hurry.
First ask the necessary questions. If answers and the impression is sufficient for a positive decision on the spot, will conclude with the invitation to the meeting and a discussion of when it may happen.If not (for example, it is necessary to compare with other candidates), do not tighten with a call to someone you will choose: to decide what did not fit, and make another offer.
If you contact a candidate by phone does not work, try alternative means of communication: email, Skype, and others, depending on which one of the proposed candidate and the most convenient for you.
If fundamental telephone conversation, ask the candidate to call you back or tell us a convenient time when he can to answer your call.
You can also use any of the most convenient communication method from among the proposed candidate, only to report the same information that is transmitted verbally during the call test in the email message or the messenger, or voice via Skype and similar software.