Radiate confidence. This applies not only to employment. Your soul must be calm, whatever happens in life. Get familiar with the disturbing. Good posture, smile on the face, inner peace - all this attracts people to you. That is why you take to work.Start with where you are. Treat everything around him with gratitude. Begin to laugh. Friends say kind words. Enjoy the nature. Do not watch negative news on TV. Do not make judgmental calls. Find the meaning of life. Change the desire of your heart. All this left an imprint on the soul and will certainly distinguish you from other job candidates with similar experience and education. Subconsciously all felt.
Find out what the company values. Carefully read the announcement to work. It can be written using standard phrases, then it won't work. But there can be reflected the company's values. Write them in a notebook. Make a call on the phone. Tell me, what will send the summary, just wanted to clarify, what are the qualities of a candidate for the vacant position. Add in a notebook all that you will answer. This list is a gold treasure trove for job seekers.
Make the correct summary. Usually people write a summary so that is not looking to send it to all companies. All such resumes look about the same. You do it the other way. The main purpose of the resume - do not list your biography. The goal is to get you invited for an interview. Resume is a sales letter, although is made on a specific form.Write a summary of all that is in the list, obtained at the 2nd step. Provide evidence that required quality do you have. All the rest of your life doesn't matter. You will be invited if they see that you're the company in accordance with its values.
Make an unusual offer. Peter mentioned in the beginning, found interesting announcement of the work. He really wanted to get there. Wrote in the summary that it is ready the first month to work for free. He was invited for an interview, but he did not meet the level of the company. Then he was offered to try himself, using his desire to work for free. In the end, he was accepted into the company. Come up with something unusual.