And some in this have been remarkably successful, for example, the Norwegian John Bekenstein (a famous sculptor in the film industry) spent more than a year to create the most successful copies of the costumes of their favorite hero using plastic and fiberglass.
Another noteworthy instance is failed, Anthony Lee (Colorado) used a polyurethane plate for a suit and a special blend of resin and sculpted clay for the helmet. Also, the course went over a thousand rivets, old auto parts, LEDs, servos, etc., for greater realism of the image.
And how many more of our homegrown artists focusing on their inventions, copyright, using any available material and inexhaustible imagination!
If you have decided to join the ranks of fans-designers, you need fresh ideas, original approach to the choice of material (foil, aluminum, tin, etc.) and an inexhaustible inspiration.
Need to start the detailed design of all components of the suit taking into account the dynamics of movements.
To start creating an image with a helmet with built-in interface (optional), frame and connection for your electronics.
For the manufacture of the helmet, use a soft metal or tin. Be sure to treat the edges after cutting out the parts. Don't forget to leave functional gaps.
Use the drawings!
Details it is preferable to fasten by means of brackets and studs, it's faster and less traumatic.
Creates a skeleton from the inside of the helmet is to glue with a soft cloth and the slots for the eyes insert reflective lenses (or glasses from sun glasses).
The basis for the "body" can serve any suit "under the throat" of thick dark fabric lakerboy thread (this will prevent wrinkling, when driving).
On the fabric, attach the "armor". For convenience, use a mannequin.
If you have the right skills, use of a hydraulic unit for the organization of joint and the free movement of parts. In this case, the frame body should be cut out completely and assume the technological holes and mounts for auxiliary members.
How to create a reactor in the home described by one of the fans of the film on the website
Whether it's fancy or high-tech invention entirely depends on your level of technical training and inventive skill.
One of the production versions of the iron man offers Following detailed blueprints, you can build not a costume, but an interesting toy.