Advice 1: How to make iron man

The appearance on the cinema screens of the image of Iron man has generated around the world a huge wave of popularity and many fans favorite of all the hero-inventor. Now every self-respecting fan of genre fiction seeks to implement his idea-dream – create your own Iron man image.
How to make iron man
And some in this have been remarkably successful, for example, the Norwegian John Bekenstein (a famous sculptor in the film industry) spent more than a year to create the most successful copies of the costumes of their favorite hero using plastic and fiberglass.
Another noteworthy instance is failed, Anthony Lee (Colorado) used a polyurethane plate for a suit and a special blend of resin and sculpted clay for the helmet. Also, the course went over a thousand rivets, old auto parts, LEDs, servos, etc., for greater realism of the image.
And how many more of our homegrown artists focusing on their inventions, copyright, using any available material and inexhaustible imagination!
If you have decided to join the ranks of fans-designers, you need fresh ideas, original approach to the choice of material (foil, aluminum, tin, etc.) and an inexhaustible inspiration.
Need to start the detailed design of all components of the suit taking into account the dynamics of movements.
To start creating an image with a helmet with built-in interface (optional), frame and connection for your electronics.
For the manufacture of the helmet, use a soft metal or tin. Be sure to treat the edges after cutting out the parts. Don't forget to leave functional gaps.
Use the drawings!
Details it is preferable to fasten by means of brackets and studs, it's faster and less traumatic.
Creates a skeleton from the inside of the helmet is to glue with a soft cloth and the slots for the eyes insert reflective lenses (or glasses from sun glasses).
The basis for the "body" can serve any suit "under the throat" of thick dark fabric lakerboy thread (this will prevent wrinkling, when driving).
On the fabric, attach the "armor". For convenience, use a mannequin.
If you have the right skills, use of a hydraulic unit for the organization of joint and the free movement of parts. In this case, the frame body should be cut out completely and assume the technological holes and mounts for auxiliary members.
How to create a reactor in the home described by one of the fans of the film on the website
Whether it's fancy or high-tech invention entirely depends on your level of technical training and inventive skill.
One of the production versions of the iron man offers Following detailed blueprints, you can build not a costume, but an interesting toy.

Advice 2: How to make a railroad

Children are often attracted to very simple, simple toys, while expensive and a more "dressy" instances go unnoticed. The thing is that the child reaches toward objects that are made with love. This toy can be railway, gathered by you. For its production need cardboard, glue and paint.
How to make a railroad
You will need
  • - cardboard;
  • - the range;
  • pencil;
  • - scissors/utility knife;
  • glue;
  • - paint.
Decide what area will occupy the whole building – of the railway track, stations, landscape elements. On this basis, determine the approximate length of the rails. Cut them out of cardboard. For this fit boxes under furniture or equipment. Draw on the cardboard strips of the required length. Their width also depends on the overall scale of the building. For example, for a height of 10 cm will need rails with a width of 2 cm piece of cardboard is not big enough, collect rails from the individual segments. In addition to direct strips cut into multiple arcuate – iron the way you can loop or just make a few turns.
Color blanks grey acrylic paint with metallic effect. Then cut the sleepers strip 2.5 cm wide and 8 cm long. On the wrong side of each of the sleepers put pencil marks in 3-5 mm from each edge – these points will need to lay out the rails. Since sleepers are often made of wood, the upper side can be painted brown paint.
Lay out the segments of the rails in the correct sequence, then flip so that the bottom side was on top. With a ruler and pencil divide the workpiece at equal intervals. These marks put the sleepers. Lay them one at a time, pre-lubricating the intersection of the rails with glue.
While the railroad dries, take a train. It can be represented in a simplified way in the form of parallelepipeds. For cars use old cardboard boxes (e.g., of juice) or glue them yourself. The locomotive can be composed of two boxes – the cockpit to the vertical glue horizontal "bow" part. Cover the entire train paint of the same color. When it dries, glue the wagon wheel, connect the part between cardboard strips. For each car, you can draw the window curtains, and even the faces of the passengers behind the glass.
In the same way make one or more stations. On the box-apply the base coat of paint, and then paint the surface with markers. The space around the railway, you can fill a cardboard silhouettes of trees and village houses, and next to the station to put the paper figures of people.

Advice 3: How to make a person in minecraft

The game is interesting because there you can create everything you want, is not an exception even. Ways to create this mob there are several, you only need to choose the appropriate one.
People in Minecraft is mob the first in the history of the game. However, since version 1.8, create it will be impossible, because the developers have simplified this function. However, the players have not lost anything because this character is special role is not played, and it was impossible subsequently to transform, but in the meantime many people liked him.

Man in Classic Minecraft

In Classic Minecraft mob person could create a very simple, by pressing the key G. But now this is not possible. The human mob in Minecraft was not very good especially as it was not possible to take action to destroy or create blocks. He just wandered through the game world, not having a purpose.

Mob man been exposed to liquids and other blocks as the player. Minecraft fans often believe that they can control it and use in some action. But people in Minecraft never had such functions, because in the game he acted as a mob, and did not differ from animals.

Iron man

In the latest versions of the game there are mobs for every taste, but man. But you can return it to Minecraft, it will only be iron. To create it you will need to find and download the mod for people for Minecraft 1.3.2. Thanks to this extension, the player will be able to feel in the guise of iron man. It was created by the developers based on the cinematic super-hero, and has almost the same functionality that was Tony stark. The player can shoot, fly, like a bird, invent.

For version Minecraft 1.4.2, you can also install fashion for men. Once the extension is unpacked in the gaming world will be the human race. The behavior of these mobs is practically no different from the realities of life. In Minecraft they have to follow the same laws as ordinary people.

Magic egg of a resident

If you do not want to install mods, you can create a human in Minecraft with the help of magical eggs resident. This is a very rare artifact, is not so simple. In most cases it appears in the treasures and places that spawn mobs. One egg allows you to add one person. When there is no time to search this artifact, you should find a village and build a lot of houses, then there will automatically increase the number of residents.

Advice 4: How to make iron man helmet

How to make a iron man helmet a few days yourself? Very simple!
You will need
  • Cardboard (corrugated, suitable box, TV/microwave, etc.), pencil, utility knife, scissors, a glue gun and studs (I bought a fix price), automotive putty, primer, paint of two colors, epoxy, printer, the program Pepakura Viewer, scan the model for FOAM (this is important because other scanner designed for paper crafts and is not suitable for cardboard), engraver or hand jig saw, masking tape.
You need to open the program your scan and print it on plain paper. Then cut all your parts out of paper and draw a circle around each on the cardboard. Please note that some items must be on both sides, and the scan indicated one time. For example, I selected item. Just flip the parts and draw again. Some parts are under other, forming three-dimensional parts. They need to circle on the cardboard a little more than it is. To glue these parts should be not in the joint, and to each other.
Double the detail.
When you cut, there comes the most responsible stage. Using the same program to merge all your items together. To accomplish this, hover the mouse cursor over any face and the program will tell what it connects.
After gluing you need to strengthen your helmet. Mix epoxy resin with hardener (included with resin) according to the instructions. With a brush apply it on the model. A cardboard model should be well impregnated, to be as tight as you can. Leave a helmet on the day for complete drying. Don't forget when working with epoxy about safety! Be sure to wear a respirator and gloves to avoid getting glue on the skin.
Now that your model is completely dried up and become stronger, you must apply it a thin layer of automotive filler to hide all the irregularities of the carton and prepare the model for further painting. You can apply two thin layers of putty, but before applying the second, be sure Proskura model with some fine sandpaper.
So, if your model has dried, is covered with all the Essentials, flat and smooth, then it's time primed. It's best to do a spray primer, but you can usually just applying it with a brush. Leave to dry.
Now the painting. First, paint one part, then another. For example, first the mask, then everything else. This should be done in order that the boundary between colors is clear. To separate one from the other conveniently with the help of masking tape.
Especially carefully it is necessary to cut your parts out of cardboard and be sure to follow the Assembly so that everything was smooth. Otherwise, you'll have to redo it.
Useful advice
If you want to make a flip-front helmet after dry epoxy resin, cut by the engraver helmet, separating the mask from the helmet.
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