You will need
  • - a special knife for opening clams,
  • - a towel.
Oysters rinse well under cold water, wrap the sink with a clean towel and press down to the table so that the connection of the valves looked in your direction.
To hold fast to the sink with one hand and gently insert the tip of the blade (special for oysters) in a small hole in the connection of the valves. Slightly rotate the knife, while fold needs a little bit to disperse.
Continue to hold the oyster in one hand, a knife swipe along the top of the sash, while the muscle is cut, she holds the shell closed.
The top flap (flat) to throw away, and the bottom (rounder) carefully remove with towels so as not to spill the juice. Remove the tip of a knife shards in the sink.
Option 2. Firmly pinch the lower part of the shell between your fingers. Cut the muscle (this muscle is attached to the sink) under the oyster movement aimed in its direction. Start the meal. To eat an oyster in its raw form, pre-salt and pepper.