You will need
  • - receipt;
  • - warranty card.
A mattress refers to things which, according to the law on protection of consumer rights shall be returned with proper quality. If you are already at home you have verified that the item does not fit in size, color or other qualities, you can return it to the store. Write a statement about the return, containing the history of purchase, reason for return and request to exchange your purchase for another model. If you need a mattress in the sale will not appear, you can request a refund.
The application must be made in two copies. First you hand the seller or another sales representative of the point on the second receiving party must sign and return the paper to you. To the document attach a receipt. However, its absence cannot be considered a valid reason for refusal to accept the goods. Return of goods of good quality must be made within 14 days after the date of purchase.
If the seller or the store Manager refuse to accept the application on the grounds that the internal rules of the shop, send the papers by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. To the letter attach a list of contents. On receiving the notification, go to the store and continue the dialogue with the leadership.
Likewise, should do and in the case of marriage. It can be identified at any time of the warranty period. To return a defective mattress, make a request for the refund, which describe in detail all defects found. The store may organize the examination to confirm the marriage. In this case, remember to request a receipt that you bought the goods submitted for examination.
The seller may refuse to return the money, citing the difficulty of communication with the vendor and offer you to write a complaint to the producer. Don't settle – charges for the sale of quality products lay it on the store and handling relations with suppliers and manufacturers have a duty to its employees.
You refuse to return the money, inventing all new pretexts? Write the complaint in Rospotrebnadzor, which describe the history of the purchase and the reason for refusal of your legal demands. Your rights we can defend in court. Make a claim, which will include copies of any papers drawn up on this issue. If the court confirms your right, a refund will be engaged in the bailiffs.