Don't look for "double bottom" of praise, perceive the kind words that you said to the girl, as the truth. Do not convince the interviewee that you don't deserve compliments. Indeed, in this case there is a danger to assure a young person in your rightness! Increase your self-esteem, to not feel uncomfortable hearing praise.
Response of praise should be simple and short. Don't need a long and detailed stories, as you regularly go to workout and what exercises there are to accomplish, to achieve this amount of muscle, which pleased the girl. If complimented your hairstyle, do not explain, in what shop I went, just say you like it too and it is good that you have the same taste.
Thank the girl for the kind words and attention to your lady. Rejoice heartily, because people usually say compliments, to please a pleasant man. Just do not stay indifferent, this reaction can hurt the girl.
If you thought that praise lightly stretched and insincere, think about why these words were spoken, for what purpose. Maybe the girl just embarrassed herself unable to utter harvested phrase with feeling. Do not just think about the bad, better return the compliment, encourage a young person, start a casual conversation to ease the tension.
To show the girl that you are nice to her, smile and look into the eyes of interlocutor. Mark and her positive qualities: "Kate, how nice that someone notices my efforts to look better! I wanted to tell you that you're a nice, sweet girl, but shy to talk about it!".
You always come to the aid of a good joke in response to a compliment: "I'm trying to cramp your style, but dress can not find!". Touch lightly to the girl's hand or heat problemite, in this case do not even will need.