Specify type of activity: cinema, theater, music (there also needs to be clarified: rock, pop, jazz, classical, rap or other). There is no universal producers that can make famous any project.
Ask around friends and acquaintances, rotating in the Bohemian circles of which production centers they know. Of course, dismissing centers, not specialized in your activity.
Make a list of names, contacts, ask about the nature of staff of these centers is very much in the negotiations will depend on the human factor.
Visit each of the centres, look at their work. Tip for aspiring artists: do not expect direct access to producers Pugacheva and Rotaru. They hardly are configured to create the project from scratch, they are good feeds a day job. But quite inferior also do not take into account.
Call each of the centers. In a conversation give your name, occupation, purpose of the call. Set up a meeting. Speak without diffidence and without calling, be friendly and confident in yourself.
At the meeting tell us more about your project, its advantages over similar. Do not think that even with a good speech you will open arms. Perhaps the cooperation with the newcomers center and don't need.
Continue to schedule meetings and talk about the project. Search for new connections. With those who you are refused, say goodbye warmly, as if they had entered into a contract with you. Going through the centres one by one, you will find someone who will agree to work with you.