You will need
  • - metal basin;
  • - canvas bag;
  • - iron
  • knife;
  • burner;
  • - flour.
The plucking of ducks is made in two ways: by preliminary scalding and a dry method. The easiest way is to put the duck in a large metal basin, to scald it with hot water (70-80 degrees), to withstand 15 minutes in the water and start pinching. In this pour the water so that she fell on the feather.
There is another option, but not quite unusual. Bag made of canvas fabric soak for 10-15 minutes in boiling water. Then remove, not much press and place the carcass.
Iron well heated iron the bag with the duck. This process will take up to 10 minutes. After that, the duck carcass pull out the bag and start directly with the plucking, do it manually. First, remove the pen and then down. Start to pluck the duck follows with the breast, gradually moving to the neck and back. The disadvantage of scalding is redness of duck meat. To begin plucking birds, a similar method is needed in 4 hours after slaughter.
Immediately after slaughter, while the bird is still warm, make dry plucking method. For convenience, sit on a low chair and to his knees and put the game upside down. Near the knees for down and feathers should be put a drawer. To avoid damage to the skin, feather and down must be removed with caution. The bird is generally plucked clean. If it's to be stored, then plucking is better to use a dry method.
After removal of feathers and down with a blunt knife remove a slice of bread and hemp. To remove the remaining fine hairs and feathers, fowl can singe. Before singeing, the skin should be spread, so there are no folds. Wings it is necessary to expand the duck legs and the head of the stretch and sear over a burner.
If the singeing of the carcasses is done on captaim flame or it's wet, RUB the carcass with flour. The flour will absorb moisture, and the fine hairs that remain after plucking, the skin will easily separate and burn. The soot together with flour, quickly wash off with water. Scorch the carcass to be careful not to damage the skin and melts subcutaneous fat.