Decide how many people you want to invite to birthday. An event with two or three friends can be done at home, and in a small cafe, and for the anniversary with several hundred of the guests will have to rent a big hall.
If you are going to organize a major celebration, contact the experts at creating holidays. In Ekaterinburg has several companies that do this. The full list is given on the website, which is dedicated to holidays and entertainment in Yekaterinburg - "Holiday land." For their services, such organizations will charge a fee, but you will get more confidence that the celebration will take place as you planned.
Browse to the location where you want to celebrate a birthday. On various resources dedicated to restaurants and cafes, you can find the full list of food service establishments in the city, as well as comments of their guests. Focus not only on menus and prices, but also on the overall atmosphere of the restaurant. It is advisable to visit it before going there with friends. Find out how you will use music in certain situations, it may greatly spoil the evening.
If you are celebrating a birthday in the summer, consider this option as a celebration of nature, at the recreation center. In Sverdlovsk region there are several, such as "House hunters". But in this case it is advisable to organize a holiday for the whole day, and even on the weekend to vospolzovatsya all the features otdyh in nature. You can choose a cottage depending on your byutzhet and size of the company invited.
Children's birthday party guide in a special entertainment center. Their addresses and phone numbers can be found on one of Ekaterinburg's reference portals "". In specially equipped premises kids can have fun and play under the supervision of the animators, and then they do the meals. This can be called a good alternative to a home party, especially if guests plan a lot.