The symptoms of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages is very similar to the normal signs of pregnancy: missed period, morning sickness, breast swelling, etc.
As a rule, women do not attach importance characteristic of the ectopic pregnancy symptoms: pulling pain in the abdomen, low pressure and accompanying dizziness and fainting, vaginal bleeding and feeling of heaviness in the perineum and rectum. These symptoms may not be signs of pathology, however, in the presence of at least one of them, it is important to consult a doctor urgently, so he prescribed the necessary tests. After all, if an ectopic pregnancy is detected early, it is possible to do without surgical intervention.
Normal pregnancy test and a blood test for HCG ectopic pregnancy as a normal, positive. To diagnose an ectopic pregnancy in early pregnancy is possible if the time to notice a decrease in maternal blood chorionic hormone released by the placenta. This hormone contributes to the blocking of ovarian function to develop a new egg.
To determine ectopic pregnancy with ultrasound studies of the uterine cavity, which can be assumed about the existing pathology in the early stages. With 2-3 weeks of pregnancy to diagnose her ectopic nature is possible by means of transvaginal ultrasonography carried out by the introduction of a special sensor into the vagina.
To detect ectopic pregnancy at an early date, conducting diagnostic laparoscopy – a procedure that is performed under General anesthesia. It definitely allows you to set the pathology.
If a woman is faced with a situation of occurrence of ectopic pregnancy and need surgery, the next pregnancy should take place under the constant supervision of a doctor.