First of all, when choosing clothes for boy do not follow the principles "but not the brand" and "approach to on-street running." Buy beautiful clothes for his son even for walking. Teach him to be careful and to take care of the things, especially white. Prefer clothes made of natural materials.
Jeans... They are always at the height of fashion. Just a note, that this year returns heavily worn denim. Fill in the wardrobe of his child jeans with the "fading up holes". Must be lots of pockets, like jeans and jackets. And of course don't disregard the classic jeans – they, too, should be in the wardrobe of a boy.
Buy son shirts plaid and striped, and t-shirts with different prints. Just be sure to ask the child that is more like himself. Because clothing should be fun little Tomboy. In the wardrobe the boy needs to be a jacket, matching shades with other things. Then you can safely send my son for the holidays, knowing that he will outshine their peers. In addition to the blazer with the shirts perfectly sweaters with zipper and sleeveless.
This year in fashion nautical theme. Bring variety in the dressing of a boy – buy him a few things in the strip. This clothing goes well with almost everything.
Outerwear preferably, the presence of a hood, especially if it is trimmed with fur. Buy warm quilted jacket with a hood and augment the image with lacquered boots, and your son will look like a little gentleman. And if you want something stricter, then notice the warm coats and capes.