If the teen is interested in fashion, buy the magazines, calculated on the age. Luxury glossy magazine for adult ladies and sophisticated metrosexuals you to anything. Youth publications show the latest fashion, explains the actual combinations are taught how to produce simple and original accessories. Here you can learn about the basics of personal care, cosmetics and hairstyles.
Your grown up child thinks fashion is stupid? Don't try to impose your coffee or ideals of beauty. Pick up a wardrobe from a simple basic models of neutral colors. Perhaps in the future your son or daughter will want to make it more vivid.
Shop youth brands. This is very useful because many brands sell not only individual items, but entire sets. Study the window – staring at the mannequins, you can understand how to assemble ensembles, what to wear with fashion trends like long knee-length socks, mittens, bulky scarves or trousers unusual style.
It is not necessary to buy all the fashion trends. The principle is correct and current ensemble the base model, supplemented with the hottest trends of the season. However, keep in mind that in a few months these new products is hopelessly outdated, and the teenager will need a more fresh and interesting gizmos.
Great idea for teenage wear to make so-called "capsules" - ensembles of several pieces, well companywise between itself and designed to be worn in a certain situation. For example, you can collect a daily capsule of jeans, a couple tops with sleeves of different lengths, jackets, mini-skirt, short jacket and scarf. A couple of sets is enough for one season. For the next season buy new things.
Don't waste a lot of money on clothes. Trendy teen brands are inexpensive. Choose interesting, non-trivial models and without regret to part with them. At this age, tastes and preferences has not yet been formed, let the teenager to find themselves in everything, including fashion.