The interior of the car UAZ Patriot of 2014

Interior five-seater saloon Patriot has changed markedly. The headliner became more solid and pleasant to the touch. Improved the quality of the fit of parts on the front panel. The convenient ceiling handle. The gear lever has become a bit smaller and easier to hand. In the trunk, completely redesigned padding and shelf. Also in the baggage office there was a lamp on the right side. Luggage capacity is unchanged at 960 liters in the normal state and 2300 litres with folded seats of the second row.


New engine for the SUV UAZ Patriot is not invented. The car is still equipped with a gasoline or diesel engine. In the basic configuration the car has a gasoline four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2.7 liters. Maximum power is 128 BHP at 4600 rpm Maximum speed – 150 km/hour, so rapid acceleration with this engine is the Patriot not to.

Average fuel consumption, according to the manufacturer, is 11.5 liters with speed 90 km/h. In heavy traffic conditions and off-road gasoline consumption could rise to 20 liters per 100 km.

The working volume of the diesel engine is 2.2 liters, the maximum power of 113.5 horsepower. The maximum speed of the car with a diesel engine does not exceed 135 km/h. Compared to a gasoline engine, the diesel motor has less fuel consumption – not more than 9.5 litres / 100 km in extra-urban cycle.

Patriot is only available with a 5-speed manual transmission. Was the replacement of the transfer case. Now the car is equipped with a modern Korean transfer box Hyundai-Dymos. The gear ratio is changed in the direction of increasing, and is now of 2.56. This significantly improved the permeability. New transfer case almost no noise and is controlled via joystick. The downside of the Korean transfer case is that when you get a low gear will stall the engine, you should take some time while the electronics will work again.

Suspension of a Patriot 2014 virtually unchanged – dependent spring suspension in front and dependent design with two springs at the rear. Changes to the operating principle of the hand brake: it now locks the rear wheel and not the driveshaft. Brakes, as before, is a disc brake with cylinders in the front and drum mechanisms on the rear wheels. All versions of the car have power steering.

Specifications and prices

UAZ Patriot of 2014 with a petrol engine is offered in three basic trim levels: Classic, Comfort and Limited. The diesel variant of the car comes in trim levels, Comfort and Limited . The basic version is equipped with 16-inch stamped wheels, insulated Windows, Central locking and full power accessories. The price of UAZ Patriot starts from $ 569 990 rubles.