Advice 1: How to return the part to the store

Despite the standard equipment of most vehicles, with the purchase of spare parts are quite easy to make a mistake. How to return a carpart in the shopif the discrepancy was discovered after the purchase?
How to return the part to the store
You will need
  • auto parts;
  • check;
  • - a copy of the certificate;
  • - a certificate from a HUNDRED;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale.
If the store he will pick you up for this detail, and it didn't fit, feel free to ask for replacement parts. Most likely, you will require the preservation packaging, no signs of installation. If you are not able to spoil the item and kept the receipt, as refund or replacement will not.
You've probably signed a contract when you purchase, in this case, again, please read the paragraph about the responsibilities of the seller. To protect themselves, some stores auto parts, especially those working with remote orders include the item on the obligatory coordination of the part number with the model of the car. If no such agreement you will not have spent and not received in the mail in the corresponding form, the store may refuse you replacement.
Remember the conditions under which the cars are purchasedspare part. Sub-standard or bespoke items are also non-refundable, you should've warned about that at the time of purchase or order.
If the repair of your car produces one of the service stations was already established, and shortcomings were identified in the verification process or operation, have them give you a certificate mismatch or the presence of defects. Note: STO must be certified, don't forget to make a copy of the certificate.
With this copy, a certificate and cheque will contact the seller, but remember that this can only be done within two weeks from the date of purchase. The seller will give you a sample of statement of claim, write and submit it together with the item.
Return of parts ordered by catalogue, draws within three months from the date of purchase. With the exception of the stores, the components of when buying a written commitment to return the wrong item within a week. In this case you will be refunded the cost of the part less the cost to the storeand getting it from the consumer.

Advice 2: How to return the gift certificate

A gift certificate is a small usually plastic card which can later make a purchase at a particular store or to use the services of a specific salon, presenting it to the administrator. Unfortunately, there are cases when the gift certificate is not needed (there was a better gift, the donee does not use such services, etc.). What to do in such a case, how to return a gift certificate back and is it possible?
How to return the gift certificate
Every gift certificate has a certain validity, and if it has not been used, the offer will automatically lapse. In such cases, return the gift certificate the firm is not possible. If the validity of the gift certificateand has not expired and for some reason you want to return it to the store, do the following actions.
Grab a gift certificateand a check to him and come to the store. Explain to the administrator the reason for the return of the certificateand to present the check. If the administrator refuses to return the card and receive it back, use your right to withdraw from the contract of sale and demand the refund of the amount paid in a legal way.
To do this, write the statement in duplicate to the Director of the company on refusal from the contract of purchase and sale or the contract on performance of works, referring to the RF Law "On protection of consumer rights"; specify in the statement the reason for the refusal of a gift certificateand the conditions on which you are going to return previously purchased certificate (refunds).
Pass the statement to the administrator or the store Manager (firm). It is necessary that on each of the instances was the seal of the company and the date of receipt of the application, which must be supplied by the employee or the head;wait for a response from the company.
Return the certificate and get the money for it, if the company is ready to fulfill your requirements; contact the court to protect their interests if the company for whatever reason, which should be motivated in the letter-response, denied you back for your gift certificate or gave no response in 14 days. In this case, the court will need to provide a receipt proving the purchase, the card, and the second statement, which you have on hand, the company with the refusal, if such followed.
The amount of the gift certificate may be different, depending on customer's choice and proposals of the company. To make purchases later on the certificate exactly on the amount that it is available. Today, very often such cards are given as gifts to the donee himself could use a certain service or to buy something that is really needed.
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