You will need
    • Meat for broth;
    • potatoes;
    • carrots;
    • bow;
    • cooked sausage;
    • smoked sausage;
    • sausages;
    • tomato paste;
    • salt
    • pepper
    • greens.
Prepare the broth, so as to achieve a gain even from the most high quality sausage hard enough. As a meat basis, you can use beef brisket, ribs or chicken. The broth is brewed for hours in the boiling process, it is necessary to add a few peas black pepper and Bay leaf.
While preparing the soup base, cut into slices carrots and onions and fry them in vegetable oil.
Peel the potatoes, wash it and cut into wedges.
Remove meat from broth and put in a saucepan to cook the potatoes. Meat clean from the bones, cut into pieces and put it back in the broth.
10 minutes before the potatoes are done put in the pan carrot, onion and a tablespoon of tomato paste, add black olives, pitted. If you put the tomato paste early, the potatoes will cook longer. You can use olives with pits, as is sometimes practiced in the institutions of public power, but to get rid of them in the process of tasting the soup is not too convenient.
Cut into slices the same size, smoked, and boiled sausages, sausages. The number of sausages will depend on the volume pots, but enough for 2 liters 100 grams of all three types of products.
Directly before turning off the fire, put in a saucepan the chopped dill and parsley.