You will need
    • Dough:
    • 200 g of cottage cheese;
    • 1 egg;
    • 100 ml of milk;
    • 450 g flour;
    • 6 tbsp vegetable oil;
    • baking powder for the test;
    • salt.
    • Yeast dough:
    • 200 g flour;
    • 5 g of dry yeast;
    • 150 ml of warm water;
    • 1 tbsp olive oil;
    • salt.
    • Dough without yeast:
    • 2 cups flour;
    • 100 ml of milk;
    • 2 eggs;
    • 2-3 tbsp vegetable oil;
    • salt.
Cottage cheese dough. A pack of curd grind with egg, add vegetable oil, milk, salt and mix. Flour mixed with baking powder and portions add cottage cheese, mixing thoroughly. The amount of flour may vary in composition, therefore, make sure that the dough is not too hard. Rolled out dough is put on oiled baking sheet and add the filling. The cooking time of the pizza is approximately 25 minutes at 200°C.
Yeast dough. Despite the fact that the dough yeast, to come it will be only half an hour, and its preparation will not take more than 10 minutes. Mix in a bowl the flour with the dry yeast and salt, then gradually pour the warm water and mix. To knead the dough by hand, add the olive oil. Place the glassware in a warm place for half an hour. At this time you will have time to prepare the filling. The optional roll out dough – you can just distribute it on the baking sheet manually. It is worth noting that baking is the dough gets a little dry, so if you don't like crispy pizza, liberally brush it with pasta sauce that you normally use.
Unleavened dough. Stir eggs with milk and vegetable oil to obtain a homogeneous mass. In a deep container, pour flour and mix with salt. Then gradually pour into it the egg mixture, carefully all mixing. In the end, you should get a thick dough. Knead it with your hands, periodically prisypaya flour, then allow to stand for 10-15 minutes. Then roll out into a thin layer that lay on a greased baking sheet. This dough can also be a little dry.