You will need
    • flour 4 cups;
    • yeast 20-25 g fresh or 10 g dry;
    • water 300 ml;
    • salt.
Sift the flour. To prepare the sourdough (liquid dough), dissolve the yeast in one Cup warm water. Add the remaining water and half of the flour taken. To faster the yeast has worked, add 1 teaspoon of sugar. Mix well the dough, leaving no lumps.
Put the bowl of dough in a warm place. When the dough will increase in volume approximately two times, add salt and remaining flour. Knead the dough for 10 minutes, to make it sufficiently plastic and behind the walls of the cookware.
Cover the bowl with the doughm a linen towel or cling film. If you use cling film, pierce it in several places with a fork or knife. Put in a warm place for 1-2 hours. As soon as the dough rises, ebonite it and let go again.
Sprinkle a work table or cutting Board with flour. Lay out the dough. Divide it into 3 parts. Roll out thin with a thickness of about 5 mm pellet.
Preheat a baking sheet or a baking pan. Brush with vegetable oil and lightly flour. Put the rolled out tortilla. Place baking sheet for 10 minutes in a warm place. To make the dough didn't "bugaloos", make a fork punctures over the entire surface of the pellet.
Before putting the filling, brush the crust of the pizza with olive oil.