Be as predictable, do not commit actions that can be to other drivers and pedestrians, obscure and even more unexpected. If you see that the car in front is reconstructed in your range – don't add speed. Do not forget to include the turn signals always when it's needed, even if close no. Do not make sudden movements and follow the rules.
Reduce your speed when approaching pedestrian crossings. Miss the person even when he runs across the road in the wrong place. Of course, he was wrong, but if you hit it, it will be guilty. In any case, do not signal to pedestrians crossing the road. They may be scared and stop or even run back.
If you are a novice driver, be sure to stick on the windshield and rear window of the car a special character. In this case, the road users will know that you lack experience and make mistakes. Salahov at the crossroads, turn on the emergency lights and try again to start the engine and go. The other drivers know very well how difficult it is to beginners, and treat these situations with understanding.
Always observe the speed limit and follow the traffic light. Pay no attention to the honks of cabs passing by you in the city centre at a speed of 120 km/h. speeding is often the cause of the accident. Carefully follow the traffic signals and never try to drive on red. Unfortunately, due to the tendency of some drivers to slip on red or yellow often suffer other road users.
Be polite when you need it. Pass other drivers don't signal when someone immediately starts moving after switching on the green light. Meeting with the driver in the narrow courtyard, turn and stop to give him the opportunity to drive. If someone on the road missed you – thank. To do this, just enough to turn on the hazard lights for 1-2 seconds.