For children under the age of three the adaptation period lasts usually from 2 months up to six months. To further the child without harm to themselves to visit kindergarten, first it is recommended to give it in so-called groups of short stay if parents and caregivers have the opportunity. The most comfortable option for beginning to leave the beloved child of only 2-3 hours 2-3 times a week during walks and educational games. If the child adapts well to this group, it is possible to increase the number of visits. It has to happen gradually: for example on 2-3 day, full day or full week half a day for 1-2 months.
If you have (or your kindergarten does not provide such services), you should start with visits to the children's garden for two weeks at 1-1. 5 hours. If the child successfully took place in kindergarten, the next two weeks you can drive it for 2-3 hours, adding Breakfast or lunch that coincides more with his individual regime.
At home parents can prepare the child for life in kindergarten. It is desirable to respect the day, as close as possible to the mode of the future group. The less will change the daily routine of crumbs, the more comfortable he will be in a new environment. Will also help and play skills with other children. When you go out to the Playground or visit to its peers, try to teach the child to meet with peers and play with them. And, also, the more independent your child is, the better. To be able to eat with a spoon and use the potty, just need to teach child prior to entering kindergarten.