The best way of meeting with your ex boyfriend – if you are invited for some family celebration or a friendly party. For example, the birthday of a relative or close friend. And the reason is very good, and refuse the guy will be awkward - even if he knows that there will come to you. Besides, the very fact of being in the hotel, that is on foreign soil, will tame your emotions and force you to keep a low profile. And this is very important for reconciliation.
So if you know you are invited, take the initiative and suggest (or ask openly) to the celebrant, that guy was also invited. Surely you are willing to go forward. And further already all depends on you.
At the meeting it is necessary to look and behave in a way that the former partner once again sensed an interest in you began to think about it: not hurried, as if the parting? If such a thought comes into his head, to reconciliation at hand.
Suppose after the breakup it took some time, you have a new boyfriend or you got married. What if your ex-boyfriend he will ask you about the meeting? There is no single answer. A lot depends on your habits, upbringing, temperament, views about what is acceptable. For example, some girls will not see anything wrong, why not meet? After all, she's not going to change her new partner! Just wants to talk, to remember the past happy times.
In this case it is best (to avoid ambiguous situations, suspicions) to meet with a former boyfriend somewhere in a public place such as a cafe or bar. In any case, just indicate your current status and politely but firmly let them know that return to the old relationship.
If you fear that the current partner may misunderstand such a meeting or do not want to rake up the past, from a meeting it is better to do – also politely, but firmly.