To give dishes a unique almond flavor, the almond should be cut. Sliced almonds are made with bricks and straw or, more often, thin slices. For slicing almond plates it is recommended to pre-soak in hot water. It usually takes 15 to 20 minutes.
After soaking you will remove his skin. Then it should be dry, it should last approximately 30-40 minutes, but you can also leave to dry almonds and for a longer time. But do not miss the moment when the almonds are quite dry – then cut it will become more difficult and will need re-soaking.
After the almonds are a bit dry, you can begin cutting, using a very well sharpened knife. The smaller and thinner you have to slice the almond, the bigger and brighter aroma and flavor effect. At home for slicing almonds you can also use special attachments for food processors and slicer, and for crushing blender.
By the way, sliced almond slices are very often used for making sweets, salads, desserts, gourmet food, cereal and ice cream. In addition to improving the taste and aromatic properties of manufactured your meals, almonds also gives the dish a more festive and beautiful look. The kind of decoration it will look great on pastries, ice cream and desserts. Chopped flaked almonds are a perfect match with muffins, chocolate chip cookies and any desserts dark colors.