You will need
    • 1 Cup corn grits
    • 2 cups milk
    • 0,5-1 glass of water
    • salt
    • sugar - to taste
    • 1-2 tbsp. butter
    • dried fruit - optional
Add the milk, water and put on fire. Season with a little salt to the milk does not run away. Wait until boiling and immediately reduce the gas.
Corn grits, rinse thoroughly in cold running water, remove all foreign seeds. Gradually add the grits into the hot milk, stirring with a spoon. Keep in mind that mess in the process of cooking will become thicker.
Cooking time depends on the grinding of cereals - large or small. Try it, and as soon as the grains will become soft - add the oil. After 5-10 minutes, your porridge is ready. Sugar, like dried fruit, place as desired.
Very tasty and healthy cereal you can cook with the addition of pumpkin. This cereal do everything as described above (step 1 and step 2). Pumpkin peel and remove the seeds. The flesh is cut into squares about 2 by 2 cm, Cook them in boiling water, usually for softening takes 3-5 minutes. Then mash the pumpkin pieces with a fork or potato masher in a separate bowl until consistency of mashed potatoes. Connect with kasha, add butter. After 3-5 minutes you have a wonderful corn porridge with pumpkin!
Corn cereal you can cook in the oven. For this you need a special pot for roasting. He poured in 2 tablespoons of cereal pour 0,2-0,5 cups of milk mixed with water depending on how thick you like the porridge. Immediately add salt, butter and sugar, add before use. You can also cooked until soft (in a pot) porridge put into a pot. Immediately add pre-soaked dried fruit or a pumpkin recipe. Bake until Golden brown.
Serve porridge to the table hot and, separately, the oil and sugar so everyone can add his plate to taste. The cooled thick corn porridge , you can cut into slices and serve with different sauces - spicy, savory or sweet. From the remains you can easily cook casseroles, fritters or vegetable cakes.