Make your choice of the saxophone: the Sound characteristics of the saxophone are not the same. Very good is sopranino saxophone in e-flat. This is the best kind of saxophone and it gives very good sound similar to the sound of a small clarinet.Very expressive and noble has sound Alto saxophone in e-flat. Perhaps this saxophone contains all the best features that are in the family of saxophones.But the baritone saxophone in e-flat is not very convenient because of its size and inconvenience in the game.
Learn the right breathing technique for playing on the saxophone. Proper breathing is incredibly important condition for good performance on the tool. You could even say that the main instrument is not the saxophone, and breathing. When playing the saxophone is used abdominal breathing, where on inhale the abdominal muscles as if to protrude forward. Breathing involves the diaphragm active during inspiration, and the abdominal muscles active during expiration. Under normal your breathing muscles are not involved, but here their work is essential for proper extraction of the sound.
In order to master the breathing technique perform special exercises. Stand up, fully vibrates, take a sharp intake of breath so that the stomach muscles stepped forward. Then slowly exhale through your mouth. The force of exhalation monitor hand – hold it to your lips and make sure that the air went thin elastic stream.
Learn the basic techniques of playing the saxophone.The very common so-called game Glissando. This game is acceptable in two cases: the first with long intervals of the game, in this case the game is carried out using valves relaxed lips, the second on a single note, in this case the game is played only with his lips.
Popular also receiving the "click Sound" or Slap-tongue. While taking the cane instrument is clamped middle part of the tongue, and when the musician sends a jet of air to the tool, the language is taken from the canes.
There's a pretty interesting technique called "Laughter". When this game is done in the usual aspiration "FA" or "ha" in those places where it is marked in the notes.Once you have mastered the theoretical part, you can proceed directly to the training. I wish you success.