Name wedding – silver – mean duration and strength of feelings, which eventually became precious for the couple, like silver. Take care suitable for the occasion gifts. Of course, it must be silver jewelry: rings, pendants, dishes, vases and more. According to legend, this festival should be accompanied by the silver bell, so silver utensils and Cutlery is still the best option. As a rule, the husband and wife give each other silver rings worn on the middle finger of the right hand near the wedding.
Pick a beautiful greeting card for congratulations. Now in stores a huge selection for all occasions, but it is better to choose a card large format, silver color featuring white swans, rings of white flowers. A congratulatory poem, you can get ready-made collections, or web pages, and you can write yourself. Greetings in prose is no worse than the poetry if it was written from the heart and not just written off.
Preparing a festive table, use in the design silver color: silver ribbons, garlands, flowers, silver sequins. The room can be decorated with garlands, ribbons, you can also make a poster-greeting anniversaries, made in the same colors.
You can prepare for anniversaries the symbolic testimony of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the marriage" or silver medals for anniversaries. At the beginning of the feast, solemnly hand them out and ask the anniversaries kiss as the first time.
Interesting and expensive gift would be a silver jug. According to folk belief, if a husband and wife wash together from it, the water washes away all the sorrows and sadness, and returns the joy of life and youth. Any preparations for a celebration try to spend the maximum secret from anniversaries to gifts and greetings have become a memorable surprise.