You will need
  • - a certain amount of money.
Talk to the guy about the problems. Listen to him. Don't interrupt, because he is now just need to speak out and share with anyone their experiences. Try to discuss the causes of depression and to find the best solution out of it.
In any case, don't criticize the young man, even if he did something wrong, just calmly talk to him, gently putting his mistakes. But be sure to note any achievements and will certainly praise the man.
Arrange for your loved one a pleasant evening. For example, cook his favorite meal, turn on soothing music, and over dinner talk on pleasant topics. Give him a relaxing massage, let him completely distracted from my problems and feel your concern.
Call the guy on the nature. If he doesn't want to chat with friends, just stay a while together. In summer you can go fishing or to the woods. And in winter sports, skiing or ice skating. Try to do what your man likes. Treat him nice and inexpensive gifts. You can arrange a small trip to another city. A change of environment will help to accelerate the guy from depression.
Ask his friends to help you. Invite them to visit, take a new disc with the movie or game, focusing on the preferences of the young person. Buy some good cognac and sit together in a circle of friends. A small amount of alcohol will relax, and true friends will always find a way to cheer up. Just be careful and do not overdo it with alcohol, otherwise, your evening might turn into a regular booze, after which the problem becomes even greater.
Remind the guy about a forgotten hobby. Nothing distracts from gloomy thoughts, as doing. Possibly diversify his life, and then he won't have time for sadness.