Enter changes in the standards of technical regulation, and change industry norms, type of different technical regulations. This will help you to modify and redistribute the benefits, costs, and risks of the enterprise.
Guide the forecasting of change of all available factors (benefits, costs) for the design phase change to the standards of technical regulation. Rate the financial and economic result of the execution of these rules, ensure optimization of costs for compliance.
Adjust the direction of the standards development process and provide simulations of the effects of all development standards in the provision of enterprises and industries. Create a plan for more effective interaction of requirements on different levels of the structure of technical regulation.
Make all necessary calculations in the course of the forecasting of economic analysis associated with the transition to effect all the necessary changes in regulations, including: income, expenditures, budgets, costs, economic actors, costs to society, tax contributions, and fiscal efficiency.
Attach to the draft legal normative acts, which require implementation of the financial or material costs, financial and economic calculations.
Guide economic financial evaluation of the company. This will allow you to: provide early identification of political, administrative, economic effects and results.
Rate cash additional associated costs and identify the impact of the change on the financial position of the parties concerned. Then analyze the change of structure of costs, income and risks and evaluate the redistribution of benefits to all stakeholders.
Produce assessment previously conducted analysis of the economic justification. In this case you will get the data that was before the tests and after the change of all factors. Thus, rate the feasibility of the project in monetary terms, and give recommendations for improvement based on issues of cost optimization.