If you are working in Windows XP, click "start" menu and select "control Panel". Now go to "Security" and select "Windows Firewall".
Click on the link "Enable and disable firewall" and wait for the launch of the new dialog menu. Now check the box next to "turn Off" and press the Ok button.
To navigate to the settings menu there is a quicker way. Press "start" (Win) and R. In the box that appears with the title "Run" box, type Firewall.cpl and press Enter. Open the "General" tab and select "Disable".
To open the desired menu in Windows Seven, click start. Now type in the search box located at the bottom of the pane, row, shell:ControlPanelFolder. In the opened menu, select "Windows Firewall".
Click on the link "Enable and disable firewall". Click on "Disable". Follow this procedure for all desired types of networks.
After you complete these steps, click Ok and go to "Change notification settings". Disable the reminder system inactivity the firewall.
Sometimes it's better to completely disable the default firewall system. Open control panel and select administrative tools.
Navigate to the shared services list that are present in the system. Locate the "Windows Firewall". Click right mouse button and select properties.
Go to the "General" tab and locate the "startup Type". Select "Disabled". Save the changes. Then restart the computer.