You will need
  • utility Ati flash;
  • - flash drive;
  • image MS-DOS;
  • program UltraIso.
The BIOS of the video card is not on the driver disk. Therefore, it is necessary to download from the Internet. Also for the firmware you will need the proprietary utility Ati flash, USB flash drive and image MS-DOS. All listed software can be easily found on the Internet. The drive can take any, capacity does not matter.
Now you need to create a bootable USB flash drive that you want to capture the image of MS-DOS, the latest firmware for your model video card and the Ati flash utility. Programs to create bootable flash drives on the Internet a lot. It is best to use UltraIso. Install the program on hard disk. Start it.
In the program menu, select "Open". Specify the path to all previously downloaded files. They must be in the same folder. Select all the files and click "Open". Further in the program menu, select "Samovyvoza" and "Burn image from hard drive". Then select your pendrive and click "Yes". Wait for the operation to complete.
Go into the BIOS. This is usually press DEL. If it you failed to enter BIOS, check the manual for your motherboard will most likely need to use a different key.
In the BIOS in Boot device setting 1 install flash drive. Exit BIOS, saving settings. The computer will reboot, and the system will begin to run from the stick. When you receive the input you need to type the command Atiflash -s 0 oldbios.bin. After a few seconds the computer restarts.
Then type Atiflash -p 0 mybios.bin. The computer will again reboot. Remove the flash drive. Restart the computer using the button on the system unit. Enter the BIOS and in the Boot device option 1 install your hard disk.
Exit the BIOS. When you exit don't forget to save the settings. The computer will reboot, and the system will start in normal mode. Now the BIOS of the video card updated.