To transfer movies to the format .avi you will need a special program. If you don't do video professionally, and to transfer the films from format to format, you do not need for these purposes is fine free app. One such free program is Any Video Converter. Download the installation package of this application from official website the link it on computer and run it.
After starting the program, add the video file you wish to transfer into avi format. To do this, click "Add video" and in the embedded file Manager, specify the path to the video. After you download the Any Video Converter window will show the name of the video file, and a brief information about it.
Select the loaded movie with a mouse click, and then, in the right part of the window, click format .avi. In addition to the format, set the options of the video file, which will have to be changed in the conversion process. This may be the video resolution, frame rate, bitrate. In addition to video settings, set audio track, which can also be changed in the conversion process of the film.
After setting all the options, enter the destination folder, which should be preserved in the translated .avi movie. Then click "Encode", and then begin converting the file. Its duration will depend on the computer power, the size of the source video file, and selected options of the destination file format .avi.