Polisaharidy and the main advantage of oranges, however, like all citrus, is huge amounts of ascorbic acid. Just enough to eat every day two fruit, to fill the daily requirement of vitamin C. But this is not the end of the useful properties of this fruit in the Mandarin orange include: calcium, magnesium, lutein, iron, potassium, fiber, phosphorus, essential oil, vitamins a, K, E, P, b and it is not the whole list.These bright and juicy fruits improve digestion and increase appetite, promote normal gut function, nourish the body with vitamins and trace elements, resist fungi and microbes (due to the volatile and essential oils), enhance immunity and regulate the acid-alkaline balance. In addition, the mandarins help to break down the cholesterol and can prevent atherosclerosis.Mandarins will help you cope with many ailments. They are perfectly quench thirst, to facilitate the flow of colds (due to the high content of vitamin C), especially at elevated body temperature. Thanks protivootecna action, tangerines can cure asthma and bronchitis. For enough daily to drink a glass of fresh tangerine juice. With the same purpose used a decoction made from the dry peel of oranges.Tangerine juice is a dietary (which is important for some people), it is recommended to drink not only for adults and patients, but also children, though in small quantities. Tangerine juice is a great way to combat worms and helps to treat dysentery.Harmful, in spite of its useful properties that can be listed for a long time, the tangerines can hurt people. This citrus fruit is contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of duodenum and stomach, it is not recommended to patients with gastritis (with increased acidity of gastric juice), as the mandarins can irritate the mucosa. With cholecystitis, hepatitis and nephritis, the doctors impose a complete ban on the consumption of citrus fruits, tangerines in particular. There is a possibility of damage to the kidneys (especially if there are disorders). Allergic reactions are another very important moment. Therefore it is necessary to exclude tangerines from the diet of people prone to development of allergic diseases. Special care should comply with the women who fed the baby's chest, as in children the tendency to develop allergies is much higher than in adults.